Adventures In Road-Trippin’

It’s funny how time has that crazy way of escaping our attention. Before we know it, deadlines scream out because it’s the end of the week and they’re within the hour. Sleep is overwhelming because your dreams are the stressful horrors of your waking life. Before you realise, months have passed and the new year starts tomorrow. Winter ends, spring arrives. Things may change for what seems the worst, but turn out to be blessings in disguise.

Welcome to Funemployment

I’m [un]fortunate enough to claim victor (victim?) to one such situation. After a week-long bout of fever and chills—my first in over a decade—the bookkeeper for the print shop I work at rang me up with news. Apparently my services there are “no longer required.” The details of this dilemma will undoubtedly make it into a future novel or film.

Until then, my flu-fever caused the only sensible reaction to a layoff: hysteria. In less than six months, I went from having three sources of income to none.

Whelp, back to square one.

Heed the World, Seed Inspiration

My amusement is my new battle cry. I’m suddenly greeted by the freedom and adventures of a wanderlust-stricken writer. Fate has carried me to the world’s doorstep, and I fully intend to pack up and leave. No looking back. There’s nothing here to tie me down, so I might as well swallow the fears accompanied by the situation and do what everyone reminds me writers should do to perfect our craft–explore the world and collect backlogs of story inspiration.

The sights will become unfamiliar, my support system limited. Thanks to the internet, though, I’ve developed a network of amazing friends not only in the U.S., but across the globe. I’m stressed because of my anxiety’s demand to cling to stable responsibilities, but so what! It’s easy to take a laptop to the nearest coffee shop and create a make-shift workspace. An hour or so dedicated to writing, the rest aimed at cover letters and applications.

First stop on the tour: Rochester, NY.

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