Getting Back On The Writing Track

Guys, I haven’t blogged since I lived in New Orleans back in 2013. A lot’s happened since then, of course, being almost a decade in itself. I moved to Denver, Colorado, for one thing. And then I moved to Los Angeles, for another.

Where I’ve Been Since I Last Blogged

I worked north, south, east, and west of the Rocky Mountains on every possible reality-type show you can imagine. Saw my very first moose on the side of a narrow mountain highway. Went white-water rafting. Looked down on the world from Pike’s Peak. Lived in the same apartment for more than a single year… Hell, we even brought a 70-pound dog into our home—which is a full novel of its own that you can read all about in the coming months.

I also made my way out to Hollywood, where I’ve been working on a slew of scripted television shows. The work has been steady, finally, which is great. But it’s also been energy-draining. And that drain has severely affected my goals as a writer. As have life’s other spontaneous detours.

Refocusing The Path

I’ve done quite a bit of soul-searching these past few weeks. Focusing on daily mindfulness. Being present in the moment, aware of my stress levels, and significantly better at managing my anxiety. The biggest one has been reading more. We’re at the end of January and I finished my second book of the year. It’s great to be invested in fiction again, and I already feel its influence toward my own projects.

My hope for the upcoming months is to get back on track with my writing goals. It’s time to refocus toward what matters most. Why I moved to Los Angeles in the first place. It’s time to get back to writing!

This will be the first-stop shop for updates on that end, so stay tuned. 🙂

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