About Zae

It comes as no surprise that Zaelyna Beck chooses to write primarily science fiction/fantasy and young adult stories. Both genres have fascinated her for as long as she can remember, and are the cause for her wildly active imagination. Throughout high school and university, her studies focused on creative writing and literary analysis, where she drafted several novels and poems that are currently in the midst of revisions. Zae began freelancing for online media platforms in 2009, catering to audiences seeking news on upcoming events in local theatre and film entertainment.

Zae finally discovered her desire for a career in film at the too-late-to-turn-back-now end of her undergrad studies. Strapped for cash, she bypassed the idea of attending film school and took up learning on her own. In the process, she moved to New Orleans to dive into film as a Production Assistant and immerse herself in everything film-related. While her experiences have piqued interests in many production departments, especially camera and grip, Zae’s true goal is to become a screenwriter for film, television, and video games.

Her latest endeavours involve travelling where work takes her, continuing to grow as a filmmaker. She’s hard at work revising young adult and fantasy novels Between The Lines and Bryngodya: The Crystal Keepers. Zae is also revising two feature film screenplays (a drama, and a scifi adaptation) and looking for clients who need an extra hand at manuscript doctoring.

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