About Zae

Zaelyna Beck is a writer specialized in the scifi, fantasy and young adult genres. Her imagination was forged by her rural Connecticut upbringing, where she explored the back woods and adopted the library as her second home. She earned an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s from Southern CT State focused in writing, music, and psychology.

After graduation, Zae did a brief stint writing articles and press releases for online platforms before jumping aboard several reality, commercial, and independent productions across the U.S. Shortly upon arriving in Los Angeles, Zae secured a position as an Office PA in scripted television. She worked her way up the assistant ladder on hit shows for ABC, Freeform, and Disney+, leading to her most recent experience as a Writers’ Assistant for a prominent upcoming scifi series.

Zae occasionally freelances as a ghostwriter and manuscript editor, and provides script coverage and feedback to other writers. She is currently developing fresh projects for her portfolio, which spans from television and features to novels, poetry, and short-form prose. Zae often writes about offbeat characters in formed-family dynamics, influenced by her own adventures living throughout many U.S. regions. Her work has been recognized by Writer’s Digest and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices, and she is actively seeking representation and staffing opportunities.

In her spare time, Zae enjoys hiking with her partner and their senior dog, Kaia. She’s also studying bonsai tree art and learning to ride an electric unicycle.

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