About Zae

Born and raised in Connecticut, Zaelyna Beck spent her childhood consumed by New England autumns and an imagination where playtime meant developing prolonged serial narratives. One such poetic tale earned her a spot on the 79th Writers’ Digest Top 25 list in the non-rhyming category. Zae obtained her Bachelor’s specializing in writing, with minors in music and psychology. After graduation, she worked her way across the U.S. to Los Angeles (occasionally living out of her trunk) to steer her writing passion toward television.

Writing Focus

Zae crafts stories around “outcast” characters and formed-family dynamics, with an introspective lens into society as a whole. But any story that opens up discussion on various “hot topics” captures the heart soul of her goals as a storyteller. She enjoys working in worlds that teeter within a speculative reality, and are often geared toward a young adult demographic.

Zae is a student of nuance and loves conversations that explore the morally grey aspects of life. And she makes it her daily focus to constantly learn and grow across many disciplines.

Current Pursuits

Zae’s latest areas of interest have been the study and practice of dog behavior/training (with an emphasis on aggressive tendencies); human and canine nutrition; and advancing her piano skills. On weekends, she can be found screaming on roller-coasters or hiking trails around L.A. with her muscle mutt Kaia.

Zae is currently developing a handful of original pilots, in addition to collaborating on a hybrid live-action/animated feature film. She’s also available and seeking work in television as a Staff Writer or Writers’ Assistant.

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