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Zaelyna Beck is a writer and aspiring screenwriter. She most enjoys science fiction and fantasy, but any story that sparks deep thought and discussion captivates her interest.

One of Zae’s earliest pieces, “Across The Ragged Desert,” illustrates her longtime passion for telling stories. It placed in the Writers Digest Annual Competition’s Top 25 for non-rhyming poetry.

Zae’s latest project, Kaia of L.A., narrates the daily struggles of two young adults whose first dog came into their lives as a behavioral nightmare. Their training journey has altered their view of dog ownership in the 21st century and forced them to reconsider many of their own beliefs.

…to the Black Hole!

A Black Hole is defined as “a region of spacetime exhibiting gravitational acceleration so strong that nothing can escape from it.” (Wikipedia)

Zae likes to refer to her mind as a black hole. Thoughts accelerate strongly through it, and escape is often impossible.

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