Short Bio

Zaelyna Beck is a writer, blogger, and beta-reader. One of her earliest pieces, “Across The Ragged Desert” placed in the Writers Digest 79th Annual Competition Top 25 (category: Non-Rhyming Poetry).

Her latest project, Kaia of L.A., seeks to explore her journey through training an under-socialized mutt and being a new dog owner in a big city.

Early Career

Upon receiving her Bachelor’s from Southern CT State, Zae developed an interest in visual storytelling. She moved to New Orleans and got her feet in the production door. While there, she worked on shows like America’s Got Talent and X-Factor. The world of reality television and production became familiar, but Zae kept her sights set on the writing world.

Between gigs, Zae dabbled in freelance writing. She primarily composed articles for online platforms–most notably Examiner.com (now defunct)–with an emphasis on local entertainment and industry news. However, Zae also accepted the occasional opportunity to revise manuscripts for various clientele.

Current Pursuits

With a goal to climb the ladder into a television writers’ room, Zae worked her way across the U.S. After a brief stint living and working around the Rocky Mountains, she made it to Los Angeles, CA. Through connections she made along the way, Zae managed a lateral move from reality into scripted television.

She now spends her days as an Production Assistant in scripted television, soaking up knowledge of the production process from the inside. On nights and weekends, Zae continues developing her own projects. She’s currently revising a young adult fantasy novel in addition to drafting spec scripts, a pilot, and a feature screenplay.


Zae’s writing includes novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays—many of which fall under the young adult and scifi/fantasy genres.

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