Welcome to my creative lair of crazy. As an outlet for my real-world anxieties, I’ve jumped aboard the bloggers’ bandwagon. Join me? We’re all scared 20-somethings, after all, so why go through it alone. Whether you have a plan for post-graduation (I don’t) beyond moving back home or aim to go with the flow, I offer a sort of camaraderie where we can collect memories for the nostalgic laughs we’ll share somewhen down the road.

For starters, I’m Zae, a writer navigating the infinite toils of student loan repayment. To be among the ranks of ‘homeless’ grads during the “best years of my life” has provided me with insights into sleep deprivation, hunger pains, and melancholia. But it’s also fortified the one skill I value most: creativity. Being dirt poor and plagued with wanderlust has encouraged me to simplify several aspects of my life and forced me to think outside the box in regards to both employment and experiences.

To erase my final strands of doubt and support my mental sanity, I’m sharing commentary and creative beats along my journey in the hopes you guys manage to avoid the same speed-traps.

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