Genre: Young Adult Adventure/Drama

Format: 1hr Pilot

Logline: After a privileged teen screws up her last chance to avoid expulsion, she’s shipped off to spend her senior year in a traveling boot camp aboard a converted school bus.


Genre: Supernatural Drama

Format: 1hr Pilot

Logline: An insomniac attends meditation therapy in an effort to manage her life, but a supernatural encounter with a comatose girl entangles her with a group of rogue investigators and forces her to unlock memories from her troubled past.


Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure

Format: 1hr Pilot

Logline: Four misfit teens, recruited by a council of mystical beings, must harness their own newly-enhanced abilities to fight a foe seeking to eliminate the symbiotic pact that protects both realms against annihilation.


Zaelyna Beck is a scifi, fantasy, and young adult writer currently working as a TV writers’ assistant. Early in her career, Zae wrote short-form articles about local entertainment news and press releases for online platforms, in addition to freelancing as a ghostwriter and manuscript editor. She climbed the production ladder as an assistant and stagehand across commercials, live events, and television, notably on hit shows for ABC, Freeform, and Disney+.

Zae often writes about offbeat characters in formed-family dynamics, influenced by her adventures living throughout several U.S. regions. Her focus is to both develop and cultivate inclusive stories across abilities, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds. Those efforts have led to her providing script coverage for competitions and other writers between gigs.

Zae's work has been recognized by Writer's Digest and WeScreenplay Diverse Voices. She’s continually improving her craft while seeking representation and staffing opportunities.