Questions Asked Of Writers

Tell someone you’re a writer, and you’ll get all sorts of questions thrown your way. “What’re you working on?”, “Are you published?”, “Do you know [famous author]?” are ones I’ve encountered. However, this one the other day stumped me: “Do all writers read?” I get that people unfamiliar with the… Continue reading

Language: A Two-Faced Coin

Language is a delightful invention. Particularly English. The amount of ways to express ourselves with words is infinite. Especially for writers, it’s how we relate the detailed stories from our lives and imaginations for a greater audience. Infinite Means of Communication Since my final days in college, I’ve developed a deep… Continue reading

Yes I Will Judge Books By Covers

Every bookworm avid reader understands the seductive powers of books. Books have an enchanting nature. Being around them fills us with an unsatisfied desire the consume more. There’s even a self-help book for biblioholism. It’s entertaining for sure. But it thus far does little to help me overcome my addiction. I think it actually added fuel.… Continue reading